Textbooks & Professional Books

WordCo excels at creating indexes for textbooks, business books and professional books, and caters expertly to the needs of busy, deadline-driven editors, packagers and publishers. Our textbook indexing service offers publishing houses, packagers and editors the quality indexing services they expect.

We understand your indexing requirements and know that the quality of the index significantly affects acceptance and sales, helps readers get value out of their purchase, and attracts favorable reviews.

WordCo’s unique proprietary Cyclical Approach to Indexing (CAI)™, developed over decades, guarantees the highest standards for indexing quality and efficiency. Our indexers also focus on audience profile, user-friendliness of terms and layout, intelligent cross-referencing, all within available space limits.

The strength of the cohesive and highly trained WordCo team working in close collaboration under one roof is at your disposal. We’re not a freelance operation or a loosely assembled group of indexers operating thousands of miles apart.

More than two decades of deadline-driven experience and thousands of textbook and business professional indexing service book projects qualify us to work quickly, accurately and intelligently to create the perfect value-added index for virtually any subject matter.

WordCo staff