Publishing is undergoing a revolution…

WordCo, the nation’s foremost book indexing company, can give you the cutting edge when it comes to providing your readers with quick and easy access to your publications’ content.

Content + Accessibility = Knowledge. WordCo facilitates discovery by providing publishers with the best in print and digital indexes.

Readers of non-fiction texts are interested in discovery and learning, and an index facilitates this process by providing a convenient gateway into the book. The index is an organized, accessible repository of the book’s pertinent content. A non-fiction book without an index is of limited usefulness.

With the shift to digital, user accessibility to content is more important than ever. After all, digital non-fiction books (Iike their print counterparts) are still about discovery and learning, and time-pressed users overwhelmed with information need a quick way to zero-in on the most important concepts and transform information into knowledge. Whether the book is a textbook, a reference work, a test-preparation guide, or a treatise on marketing, “Search” and “hits” are not enough. Oftentimes users don’t even know exactly what they are looking for. A well-constructed index provides a structured overview of the material and allows the user to locate specific information in the context of the entire book, thus aiding in the discovery process by permitting browsing of the book’s contents.

The index for the digital book should, at the very least, be as good as the print index. Hyperlinks from the index should go to the exact location in the text. Unfortunately, most “converted” print indexes merely bring the user to the top of what corresponds to the print page. This is totally inadequate and can be frustrating, especially with small-screen tablet and smartphone formats. The answer is “precision index hyperlinking.”

WordCo can provide you with precision index hyperlinking at a very modest cost, and with no interruption to your production workflow. Talk to us about how you can start making the transition to high-quality, precision digital indexes today.

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