Precision eBook Indexes by WordCo

A superior ebook (hyperlinked) index doesn’t have to cost a lot or add significantly to your production time. Why sacrifice index quality in the digital version of your book when you don’t have to?

WordCo will provide you with an electronic version of the index that replicates the print index exactly, but has the added benefit of including hyperlinks that bring the user to the exact location of the relevant text (and not just to the top of what corresponds to the print page). With more and more readers utilizing tablets and smartphones, precision linking is mandatory.

WordCo will work with your book designer to seamlessly integrate the hyperlinked index into the ePub file. Or, if you prefer, we can create the ebook files (ePub and Kindle) for you. Contact us today for a free quote. You may be surprised at how affordable really good ebook indexes are.